Welcome To Don Bosco Post Novitiate - Moshi

On 16.07.1992, Fr. James Pulickal, the first Salesian, starts residing in Don Bosco Moshi. Furnished with a kerosene lamp, a borrowed bed stand and a mattress, Room No. 1 of the staff section of the novitiate became the Tabernacle, the chapel and the residence of the first Salesian. During the Eucharist celebrated on 16th July 1992, feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the whole property of Moshi was placed under the patronage of our Lady.

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  • Dear confreres and friends, Don Bosco College of Philosophy and education remains a home to all of us and to everyone who knocks our door. A place where we grow and nurture ourselves by God’s grace to become better Salesians at the service of God and the young people. We believe in the spirit of togetherness, shared responsibility. We focus in all areas of our formation in a special we commit ourselves to studies and personal research such words are echoed and stipulated well in our formation Plan. We dream of creating a grounded culture of truthfulness that promotes and enhances fraternity and administrative trust to all. We reflect deeply on our Salesian identity so that we can be fitting salesians for the youth of today and always.

    Fr. Delphinus Felician Stanslaus Rector Don Bosco
  • Don Bosco College of Philosophy and Education is a Salesian college based in Moshi- Tanzania. It attracts students from different Salesian English speaking provinces in Africa and beyond.
    This year we have sixty eight students taking a degree in Philosophy and Education. The students hail from five Salesian provinces of Africa and from twelve countries.
    The College has as its logo “And the Truth will set you free”. This is a powerful message left to us by Our Saviour in John 8: 32. In the academic circles and so it is to us in this college, the statement points to our strong desire to promote academic freedom and excellence and the power of learning. The statement, again, means much more to us “lovers of wisdom” when we realize that the philosophy we are studying is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other. Our main task therefore is to seek this Truth.

    Fr. Evans Jefferson Academic Dean Don Bosco
  • Don Bosco College offers a holistic formation to young men who have dared to answer God’s call by embracing the Salesian charism. Here they are equipped with knowledge and skills that enable them to brave the complex world of the young that is characterized by mind-blowing discoveries in science and technology. Furthermore, this phase of formation enables our seminarians to have a well integrated view of the status quo which is a conditio sine quanon for a life with a meaning. Our college is sustained by the all time generosity of our benefactors and well wishers to whom we are forever grateful. A sincere word of gratitude to our rector major Don Artime and all our provincials for their constant care. May God bless Don Bosco College, Moshi!!!

    Fr. Henry Mathagu Administrator Don Bosco