Our Short History

On 16.07.1992, Fr. James Pulickal, the first Salesian, starts residing in Don Bosco Moshi. Furnished with a kerosene lamp, a borrowed bed stand and a mattress, Room No. 1 of the staff section of the novitiate became the Tabernacle, the chapel and the residence of the first Salesian. During the Eucharist celebrated on 16th July 1992, feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the whole property of Moshi was placed under the patronage of our Lady.

The first Salesian community at Don Bosco Moshi was started on 15.08.1992 with Fr. James Pulickal as the Rector and novice master, Fr. George P.D as the administrator and the six novices: Lesa Nobert, Siame Eustace, Njagi Erastus, Kabogo Mathias, Mkwawe Ladislaus and Laxman Fernando. With the starting of the oratory on 4th August 1992, the Salesian flavour began to attract many young people of the locality. Thus began Don Bosco Moshi, a home that welcomes, a school that educates, a parish that evangelizes and a playground where friends meet.

With the starting of the post-novitiate community in the following year (August 1993), the community became an active presence at the neighbourhood... young Salesians from West, East and Southern African countries brought vitality and Salesian creativity, joy and optimism to Shirimatunda neighbourhood. Under the guidance of various Rectors (Fr James Pulickal, Fr. Thomas Thayil, Fr. Joseph Pulickal, Fr. Ferrington Rayan, Fr. George Chalissery, and Fr. Vincent Tembo, Fr Augustine Sellam .....) and all the other formation guides, the place became a real “KILIMANJARO” (Chagga word which means ‘the abode of God’) where young Salesian minds searched, reflected, meditated, strengthening their Salesian vocation. True to the motto of the community, “Truth shall set you free,” the post-novices of the ‘Anglo-phone’ Africa began to delve into intellectual world, deepened their life of faith and integrated various Salesian pedagogical skills. We thank all the benefactors who support us in this endeavour.

The community is proud that Bp. Clement Mulenga DD, the Bishop of Kabwe, Zambia, was once a formation guide here at Moshi.

Open to the signs of the times, in 1999, the community felt the need to open a centre for the educational needs of the under-privileged youth of the locality. And now it has grown to be a fully registered secondary school offering secondary education to the neediest youth around Moshi.

The community remembers with gratitude all the members who had been part of this community but are no more... Fr. George P.D., Br. John William, Br. Abraham, Br. Alphonso Morcelli, Fr. Philip Valayam, Fr. Benjamin Listello, Fr. Edwin Kaigarula, Br. Clement Mutamba, Nov. Vitalis Oruko, Br. Philip Avulete, ....... Akpala? (he was a Liberian - check the name of the confreres off 1999 or send me the entire list of the first and second year students in 1999 and I will spot him out). May the good Lord give them eternal rest.